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"All of us here at Spartan Light Metal Products are proud to be associated with such a great organization as the Handi Shop, Inc. One of the programs that helped achieve the goal of ISO 14001 certification was the creation of an effective Recycle program. The Handi Shop helped in this program by providing Spartan Light Metal Products with the dunnage, and pickup & delivery service needed to achieve that goal. Another positive outcome from the Recycle Program was the creation of positive community relations by utilizing the Handi Shop Inc. as our recycled goods handler. With the cardboard, paper, aluminum, and number 1 & 2 plastics being picked up and recycled by the Handi Shop, and other Natural Resource Conservation Programs we have reduced out total trips and pounds to the landfill by around half. The Handi Shop Inc. Sheltered Workshops also provide service to Spartan Light metal products with the disassembly and separation of removed components of some of our products. Each component is in turn recycled or, sent off to be re-melted and reused in the foundry for new products. The Handi Shop's prompt and courteous service to Mexico and its surrounding communities should be an inspiration to us all."

Mark Sims, Safety and Environmental Coordinator,
Spartan Light Metal Products

"WMI considers Handi-Shop, Inc. as a reliable, versatile, and flexible partner to work with. Handi-Shop, Inc. is one of the few shops known to accomodate our customers unexpected demands. Ouality and on-time deliveries are one of the many features we find when referring the Handi-Shop, Inc. People at the Handi-Shop, Inc. are friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with."

Jon Korte, Plant Manager,
Weaver Manufacturing, Inc., Columbia, MO.


Brookstone is so very fortunate to have Handi-Shop as a community partner! Their employees have assisted in many tasks at our Mexico Distribution Center, from unloading trucks, to inserting DVD's into product cartons, to labeling packages. The quality of their work is exceptional and their work ethic is beyond reproach. Their work is so very important to them and their spirit is virtually unsinkable. We hope their experience with Brookstone shows the entire community what Handi-Shop employees are capable of and what a phenomenal resource Handi-Shop is to Mexico and the surrounding area."

Kim Bise, Receiving Mgr.,
Brookstone, DC